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Join the LNP


The LNP is a party for all Queenslanders.


The LNP supports a constitutional democracy and governments that are

responsible to the people, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and

fostering a society that offers opportunity to all.


We acknowledge our diverse religious heritage and freedom of belief.  

We are committed to cultivating a cohesive and compassionate community

in which all may feel safe and secure and where individual initiative is rewarded.


The LNP’s membership is diverse.  People from all walks of life, from all ages

and from all regions are LNP members.  As a member of the LNP you can help shape the future of Queensland.


In Condamine, we have an active local branch that meets regularly to discuss local, state and federal issues, hear from elected representatives and support local candidates.


To join the LNP, visit-


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