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Volunteer for Pat


Pat is always working hard for local residents as a genuine local voice in the Condamine. Locals are already seeing results, with improvements in frontline services, better infrastructure and better planning and more jobs in a four pillar economy. A brighter future is ours for the taking, but only under an LNP Government with a strong plan for a brighter future. Pat needs your help in the Condamine (in areas such as, Dalby, Oakey, Pittsworth, Clifton and South West Toowoomba) to ensure that our local area and communities have a genuine local voice in Government.


Any time you can give to support Pat would be greatly appreciated.


Ways in which you can help could include:

  • I can put a sign in my yard

  • I can help with office duties such as preparing mail, entering data and filling envelopes

  • I can help by letterboxing small or large numbers of flyers in my local area

  • I can man a street stall with signs on Saturday mornings

  • I can man a street stall with signs on weekday mornings and/or afternoons

  • I can make phone calls to local residents on Pat's behalf

  • I can go door knocking in the local area with Pat

  • I can share links and other important information on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram

  • I can help on election day



Please fill in the below contact form with "I would like to Volunteer for Pat" in the Subject, and the way in which you would like to volunteer for Pat (perhaps one of the above ways) in the Message section. Thank you!

Message received, thank you.

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