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During this difficult time of change and hardship, I am thinking about all the community groups and not-for-profit, volunteer run organisations who are being financially impacted by closure.


These small organisations are vitally important to country communities. If your local, volunteer run entity still has to meet rental or lease obligations, maintenance costs for grounds and so on please refer to the following link to the Queensland Government website https://www.business.qld.gov.au/ which outlines the relief available for small business and commercial tenancies. In addition the Queensland State Hotline 1300 654687 and Federal Support Hotline 132846 are available to answer your queries.

Of course, please contact my office directly on 4570 4100 if you require assistance and my team will try to get the information you need.

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Sen McGrath Oct 11.jpeg

Oct 11, 2021

Last Friday Senator James McGrath and I visited the very popular local tourist organisation DownsSteam Tourist Railway & Museum located in Drayton. We are pictured with Members of the Executive and volunteers.

This tourist facility is run by volunteers and I encourage you to support this and other tourist attractions which have had been severely impacted by COVID-19.

For more information see downssteam.com

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Cooks Soft drinks.jpeg

Visiting Pittsworth small business

Oct 8th, 2021

Stage 2 of Senator James McGrath’s and my tour of the Condamine electorate focused on family run small businesses. 

We visited three small businesses:

Pittsworth Confectionery in Mallard Road

Cooks Soft Drinks in Yandilla Street and

Andrew and Amanda Herron’s squab farm at Linthorpe markets.


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Mens shed.jpeg

With Senator James McGrath in Pittsorth

Oct 7th, 2021

Yesterday I had the pleasure of showcasing the Condamine Electorate’s Beauaraba Living facility and the Pittsworth and District Men’s Shed to Senator James McGrath on his tour of the area.

These facilities provide the community of Pittsworth with excellent services and are dedicated to the welfare of the Residents and the Men’s Shed members respectively.


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Police remeberance.jpeg

National Police Remembrance day

Sept 29th, 2021

National Police Remembrance Day

A day to remember and honour police officers throughout Australia who have lost their lives and ensure the integrity, courage and bravery of their ultimate sacrifice is never forgotten.

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Electric Vehicle drive

Sept 27th, 2021

Last week I was given the opportunity to take an electric vehicle for a drive.

Thank-you to Mark Tranter, Convenor of Renew Toowoomba Branch for taking the time to share his knowledge of electric vehicles with me and highlight their importance in the future.

I'm pictured here "filling up" or recharging the vehicle in my home electorate of Condamine.

Pat has lived his whole life in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. He grew up near Cecil Plains on the family property ‘Donegal’ where he produced grain and cotton and ran a small cattle breeding herd.

Agriculture has played a significant role in Pat’s life and continues to be interested in the primary industry sector and its future.


Young families need our support

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Pat Weir - Fighting for Farmers


I rose in Parliament last night to raise concerns on the Animal Activists intimidation of farmers.

I called upon the Palaszczuk government to strengthen the laws and penalities that apply to individuals or groups found to be trespassing on private property before there is a major breach of biosecurity protocols 

COVID-19 - available support for community groups and not-for-profits

Today I spoke in Parliament on the Coronavirus Quarantine Facility presently under construction at the Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport.

On 27 January this year, I started asking for details on this facility and I am still asking for details in October, but they do not seem to be forthcoming! There are many questions and too few answers.

The Toowoomba community and surrounding district deserve some answers and the people of Queensland have a right to know how much of their public money is being spent on this project!

Wellcamp Quarantine Facility Parliament speech - October 12

Resources Bill Parliament speech

On October 14, I spoke in Parliament on the Transport and Resources Committee’s report that covers the financial performance, profitability and future challenges of the Queensland government owned energy assets – CleanCo, CS Energy, Stanwell, Powerlink, and Ergon and Energex.

It has taken 8 months for parliament to be given a chance to debate this report.

I questioned the audit office’s plan to issue a report to parliament on how the state government is managing the transition to renewable energy.

No plan has been made available. Could that be because there is no plan?

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that our state's economy can ill afford and to assure a safe environment for landholders, their families and staff who live and work there.

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