COVID-19 - available support for community groups and not-for-profits

During this difficult time of change and hardship, I am thinking about all the community groups and not-for-profit, volunteer run organisations who are being financially impacted by closure.


These small organisations are vitally important to country communities. If your local, volunteer run entity still has to meet rental or lease obligations, maintenance costs for grounds and so on please refer to the following link to the Queensland Government website which outlines the relief available for small business and commercial tenancies. In addition the Queensland State Hotline 1300 654687 and Federal Support Hotline 132846 are available to answer your queries.

Of course, please contact my office directly on 4570 4100 if you require assistance and my team will try to get the information you need.

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State Flag to the Oakey Information Centre

May 21, 2021

I enjoyed presenting the Queensland State Flag to the Oakey Information Centre yesterday morning. Am pictured with Pam Gill, Suzanne Haering and Loretta Lucht.

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Yarranlea Solar Farm

May 18, 2021

I spent an interesting morning at Risen Energy's Yarranlea Solar Farm, where I met with Colin Chua (Marketing & Communications Manager), Steve Brass (Operations & Maintenance Manager), Steve Barker (Yarranlea Site Operatons Lead), and John Zhong (Vice General Manager).

The Yarranlea Solar Farm power station is fully operational connecting to the National Electricity Market, (NEM) via the nearby Yarranlea zone substation and produces 264 gigawatthour (GWh) each year, enough to power 52,800 South East Queensland households, with an emissions saving of approximately 124,000 metric tonnes of CO2 annually.

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2021 Hampton Food Festival

May 17, 2021

A great day yesterday at the 2021 Hampton Food Festival - beautiful weather, large crowd, lots of suppliers and entertainment. My congratulations to the committee and community on such a successful event.

I enjoyed catching up with Peter Robinson, Bellsmith, with one of his handmade Condamine cowbells, Ben Pechey from Pechey Distilleries launching their Toowoomba Dry Gin, and listening to the Oompah Band playing in amongst the crowd.

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QLD Youth Parliamentary tour

May 17, 2021

Enjoyed spending sometime with representatives from the Qld Youth Parliament Agricultural Industry, Resources & Rural Development portfolio during their farm tour last Saturday afternoon in the Dalby area.

Am pictured with Mahsa (Twba North representative), Lena (Twba South rep.) and Karsten (Warrego rep.) during this tour.

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Beef Week

May 7, 2021

It's been a very enjoyable visit to CQ for Beef Week 2021. I've been able to spend some time with industry stakeholders as well as enjoy all that this event has to offer. Good to see it so well attended. My congratulations to Bryce Camm and his committee on a successful event. Some photos below with Georgie Somerset, AgForce President and Bryce Camm, Chair of Beef Australia as well as the judging of some of the country's finest.

Pat Weir - Fighting for Farmers


I rose in Parliament last night to raise concerns on the Animal Activists intimidation of farmers.


I called upon the Palaszczuk government to strengthen the laws and penalities that apply to individuals or groups found to be trespassing on private property before there is a major breach of biosecurity protocols 

Pat has lived his whole life in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. He grew up near Cecil Plains on the family property ‘Donegal’ where he produced grain and cotton and ran a small cattle breeding herd.

Agriculture has played a significant role in Pat’s life and continues to be interested in the primary industry sector and its future.


Young families need our support

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Toowoomba Housing Shortage


May 19, 2021

I spoke in Parliament last week and WIN News last night about the housing shortage within Toowoomba and its region calling for some action to address this!

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Proposed Wellcamp Quarantine Facility


May 18, 2021

I spoke in the Qld Parliament last Thursday raising concerns to the Premier's lack of response to questions asked over the past months relating to the health plan for the proposed Wellcamp Quarantine Facility. This basically confirms the lack of detail received by the Prime Minister from the Qld Government for this planned hub.

that our state's economy can ill afford and to assure a safe environment for landholders, their families and staff who live and work there.

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