COVID-19 - available support for community groups and not-for-profits

During this difficult time of change and hardship, I am thinking about all the community groups and not-for-profit, volunteer run organisations who are being financially impacted by closure.


These small organisations are vitally important to country communities. If your local, volunteer run entity still has to meet rental or lease obligations, maintenance costs for grounds and so on please refer to the following link to the Queensland Government website which outlines the relief available for small business and commercial tenancies. In addition the Queensland State Hotline 1300 654687 and Federal Support Hotline 132846 are available to answer your queries.

Of course, please contact my office directly on 4570 4100 if you require assistance and my team will try to get the information you need.

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Oakey Solar Farm visit

Apr 27, 2021

I visited Oakey Solar Farm (1) this morning and met with Gabriele Mallarini (Senior Portfolio Manager, Foresight Group) and Reece McDonald. (Field Technician, Operations & Maintenance)

This solar farm is fully operational and consists of 88,200 solar modules generating approximately 61 GWh of clean, green renewable energy each year.

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ANZAC Day Services 2021

Apr 25, 2021

It was a great pleasure to attend various ANZAC Day services within the Condamine electorate and see the large numbers in attendance.

Crows Nest State School - Friday 23 April @ 11:00 am

Drayton State School - Friday 23 April @ 2:00 pm

Westbrook Dawn Service, Sunday, 25 April

Drayton - Sunday, 25 April @ 8:00 am

Oakey - Sunday, 25 April @ 10:00 am

Kingsthorpe - Sunday, 25 April @ 2:00 pm

'Lest we forget'

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Goombungee-Haden Show

Apr 12, 2021

Enjoyed catching up with Errol Luck, President of the Goombungee-Haden Show during my visit on Saturday afternoon.


Another wonderfully successful regional show well supported by the community and visitors.

A fun attraction this year was the lawnmower race, enjoyed by all!

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Clifton Museum Opening

Apr 10, 2021

Great to join attendees at the official opening of the new Clifton Museum last Saturday, a credit to the hard working volunteers who have contributed so much to this community project.

The Clifton Museum is run by the community, for the community and visitors, to learn about the district's past whilst providing lasting benefits to the local economy.

Pictured with Karen Pauline outside the new building plus exhibits within.

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Flu Vaccination time!

Apr 9, 2021

I received my 2021 flu vaccination this afternoon at the Terry White Chemmart in Drayton.

As the cooler weather descends upon us, I encourage people to go to their local pharmacy or doctor and get their flu jab!

Pat Weir - Fighting for Farmers


I rose in Parliament last night to raise concerns on the Animal Activists intimidation of farmers.


I called upon the Palaszczuk government to strengthen the laws and penalities that apply to individuals or groups found to be trespassing on private property before there is a major breach of biosecurity protocols 

Pat has lived his whole life in the Darling Downs region of Queensland. He grew up near Cecil Plains on the family property ‘Donegal’ where he produced grain and cotton and ran a small cattle breeding herd.

Agriculture has played a significant role in Pat’s life and continues to be interested in the primary industry sector and its future.


Young families need our support

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Greater respect and inclusion of women in all parts of society


Apr 2021

Recently, I spoke in Parliament in response to a motion moved by the Premier, regarding the need for greater respect and inclusion of women in all parts of society. This is an issue which must be addressed by all of us.

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Addressing ongoing flooding issues being experienced in the Kingsthorpe community


March 2021

Last week, I spoke in Parliament regarding ongoing flooding issues being experienced in the Kingsthorpe community, and the need for all levels of government to work together to address such things at a local level. I also called on the Premier to address the concerns of the Toowoomba community regarding a potential quarantine facility - much more transparent information is required.

that our state's economy can ill afford and to assure a safe environment for landholders, their families and staff who live and work there.

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